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Behind Enemy Lines Radio - CNN: Counterfeit News Network

Show Description: This week, we look at yet another bad news week for the liberal media, as CNN relied on "multiple sources" who all got a date of an email wrong - and then MS-DNC and CBS confirm the mistake - in a display of shoddy journalism. Gene and Russ take a part this latest blunder and ask: Why haven't they burned a source that burned them? Russ and Gene also look at the latest news coming out of the Alabama Senate special election, where embattled Republican Roy Moore is still ahead in the polls, and where Democrat Doug Jones is committing unforced errors. The guys also look at the news about the Trump tax reform plan, and what it means for the "People's Republic of New York". All this, plus the results of the first round of Buffoon of the Year, and Gene brags about his Bitcoin investment!

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