Stunning photo captures moment butterfly lands on owl's head

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In an incredible shot, a photographer has captured the moment when a butterfly landed on a barn owl’s head.


Rob Bates, a 34-year-old tattoo artist, was taking part in a bird of prey photography workshop in Bridlington, Northern England, when he noticed the insect flying near the owl’s head.

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"It was a beautiful butterfly so I re-positioned myself and waited for the perfect shot,” he said, according to an SWNS report. "This butterfly looked as though it was almost attracted to the owl as it wouldn't leave it alone, flying around its head, while the owl wasn't bothered at all.”

Dedicated amateur photographer Rob Bates. See SWNS story SWOWL; A perfectly-timed photo shows a stunning barn owl - with a BUTTERFLY on its head. Rob Bates, 34, took a photo of the bird of prey when it landed on a hay bail just 20ft away from him. He noticed a butterfly flapping around the owl's head - and waited patiently for the perfect shot, in Bridlington, Yorkshire. The tattoo artist from Aston, Sheffield, said: "I was on a birds of prey photography workshop. "Everyone took a few shots then moved onto the next bird, while the owl still stood there. "Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed something flying around it.  "It was a beautiful butterfly so I re-positioned myself and waited for the perfect shot.

Rob Bates captured the incredible shot  ( © Rob Bates /

"Then just about when I thought it was going to leave, the sun shone through and as it went to land on the owls head I took the shot, giving me shot of the day,” he added. "Goes to show persistence pays off."


Bates was about 20 feet away from the owl when he took the stunning shot.



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