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EU nations to decide on moving 2 key agencies out of Britain

BRUSSELS –  European Union nations are making their last-moment pitches for who should get to host two key EU agencies that are due to leave Britain in 2019 because of Brexit. EU ministers headed into sever

Defense lawyer: Mladic may not be fit to hear verdicts

THE HAGUE, Netherlands –  A lawyer for Gen. Ratko Mladic says it is not certain the former Bosnian Serb military commander will show up in a United Nations courtroom when judges deliver their verdicts in his l

Japan bolstering defenses against North Korea threat, Abe says

As tensions continue to escalate in East Asia, Japan is bolstering defense measures in response to what Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called his nation's most serious security threat since World War II. Abe outlined h

Zimbabwe crisis: Who are the key players?

Earlier this week, military officials in Zimbabwe took control of the country’s capital. This comes after long-time Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe sacked his vice president -- a move critics claim puts his wife,

Polish leader says country was slandered in EU Parliament

GOTEBORG, Sweden –  Poland's prime minister says it is not acceptable that the Poles who took part in an Independence Day march in Warsaw were denounced as "fascists" in the European Parliament t

Facebook, Google, publishers fight fake news with 'trust indicators'

It’s hard to know what to trust in the era of fake news.   A group of media publishers and tech giants hope that it’s about to become a bit easier through the introduction of “Trust Indicator

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