Wedding dress miracle in storm

Kyle Parry, a Lumberton, TX firefighter, was serving his community in the wake of Hurricane Harvey when his own neighborhood was threatened with massive flooding.   Parry had been evacuating people from their

Japanese princess to lose royal status after marrying commoner

TOKYO –  Japanese Emperor Akihito's oldest grandchild, Princess Mako, said Sunday she is getting married to a university classmate who won her heart with bright smiles and sincerity.    Mak

H&M slammed for dramatic sizing discrepancies

A woman is calling out H&M for their sizing discrepancies in a viral Facebook post  (iStock) Clothing retailers are often criticized for their inconsistent sizes and H&M seems to be one of the repeat

The 2018 BMW M5 is all-wheel-drive until you don't want it to be

   (BMW) Can’t decide between a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan and an all-wheel-drive one? If you’re interested in the new BMW M5, you won’t have to. Expand / Collapse  (

'Fuxia' cars worth $600G?

Before you decide whether or not you like the color of these cars, perhaps you should sleep on it. Expand / Collapse   Two exotics worth a total of over $600,000 combined and painted nearly the same sho

Torrid experiences customer backlash after controversial body positivity ad

Reactions to Torrid's recent campaign featuring plus-size male model Troy Solomon are less than encouraging. In an image to promote their Lisa Frank line, Troy is shown rocking a tank top, leggings tha

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