Woman surprised with Disney World proposal and wedding in span of 24 hours

A Disney-loving woman got a fairy-tale proposal and the wedding of her dreams all within 24 hours all thanks to her boyfriend’s secret planning. Nicole Tully and Bryan Stewart from Scotland were on vacation at D

Boy whose wish for Christmas cards went viral dies

The 9-year-old boy whose wish for Christmas cards went viral died on Sunday, one week after he was able to enjoy a special celebration of his favorite holiday. Jacob Thompson, who had been battling stage 4 high

Five Days of Thanksgiving: Day 2 - Give it Away

I didn’t know we were poor. Our home was filled with things that mattered – music and literature, friends and laughter, traditions and love. I knew that we didn’t always have milk in the re

Five Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1 - Give Thanks

On October 26, Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt locked themselves inside their church as a mob of more than one thousand people gathered outside its doors. Though the Copts were not the aggressors in this latest confron

Can You Hear the Bell Toll?

Five simple words popped into my head after being exposed to current news from the media I had, up to today, done so well in eliminating from my life. Those words are: For Whom the Bell Tolls, written by John Donne

5 little-known Thanksgiving etiquette rules you probably don't follow

Many of us will be heading to the homes of family and friends this Thanksgiving. For those who have been going to the same place for years or are dining at a close friend’s house, it is easy to become a bit lax whe

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