Grandmother with Alzheimer's sings Japanese children's song to infant granddaughter

A touching moment between a grandmother with Alzheimer’s and her infant granddaughter has gone viral, after the woman’s daughter captured her soothing the baby with a Japanese children’s song. Christine

Marriage linked to lower dementia risk

Being married, or ever having been married, comes with a much lower risk of developing dementia compared to being a lifelong bachelor or bachelorette, a new analysis of previous studies suggests. Researchers found tha

All Prince George wants for Christmas is a police car

The future King of England may be harboring law enforcement aspirations. Prince George, third in line to the throne, only wants one thing for Christmas this year – a toy police car. A Message from De

Disabled veteran helps deliver daughter on sidewalk

The birth of a baby is a momentous occasion for any family, but for one disabled veteran and his fiancé where and how their daughter was born has made it all the more special. Last Tuesday, Marcus Nash and Charlie

Couple gets wedding reception do-over after bride's health scare

A New Jersey couple who had to leave their wedding reception early after the bride suffered an allergic reaction is getting a second celebration for free. Victoria and Dominic Tumolo got married in September. The serv

Five Days of Thanksgiving: Day 5 - A Gift for You

It is Friday. Black Friday. We have officially made it through Thanksgiving to the start of the Christmas season. Though I’m not a fan of Black Friday (I tend to think it brings out the worst in us), I am a fan of

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