'Rented parents' are here to meet teachers and significant others

For those who need a parent – but don’t want their own – there is a service that will allow one to rent stand-ins.   China, already known for rented girlfriends and boyfriends, is now offerin

'Elf on the Shelf' undergoes emergency surgery after dog attack

A Florida family’s beloved “Elf on the Shelf” is back to his mischievous ways thanks to the work of surgeons at Orlando Health. Jenn Thelen, the emergency department nurse manager at Arnold Palmer Hospi

The 10 best holiday gifts for campers, hikers and outdoorsy types

You’re in luck: When it comes to shopping for your favorite adventurer, there are loads of options. From hammocks to instant cameras to pocket-sized drones, there’s an endless supply of gifts to please your n

Stop the world and let me off

I usually take an optimistic approach to things. This time, however, it’s different. I am livid and want to stop the world so I can get off of it. I have heard people for the longest time say that same-sex rel

Burial in Kentucky for newly identified Pearl Harbor victim

LOUISVILLE, Ky. –  The remains of a recently identified Kentucky sailor who was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 76 years ago will be buried with full military honors.   A Defense Depar

5 Life Lessons from A Competitive Gamer

Firstly, why should you take any advice on life from a loser like me?    I’m nobody special. I’m not a champion of anything. I’ve failed far more often in life than I’ve succeeded,

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