Airline passengers break out accordion, guitar after flight delay is announced

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And by that logic, when life gives you a flight delay, throw a party in the terminal. WestJet passengers waiting to depart from Toronto Pearson International Airport experien

Gate agent penalized for 'humiliating' late passenger by ripping up his ticket

A gate agent with VietJet has reportedly been penalized for tearing up a passenger’s ticket after he arrived to the gate only moments before his plane was about to take off.   As reported by 9 News

Cruise passenger booted for staging 'mutiny' over canceled itinerary

A French man was kicked off a cruise in late October after reportedly trying to stage a protest over the ship’s canceled itinerary. The Telegraph, who referred to the man’s actions as a “mutiny,&rdqu

NASA is working with Uber on flying taxis

Uber's project for flying cars, known as Elevate, caused a whirlwind of attention when it was unveiled in late 2016. Now, the ride-sharing company has taken the next step in the project, teaming up with NASA to help

United flight turns around after passenger initiates 'altercation' with crew member

A United Airlines flight was forced to turn back after an unruly passenger “initiated an altercation” with the flight’s crew, an airline representative confirmed to Fox News.   The South

Iceland’s biggest 'doomsday volcano' could soon erupt, wreaking mass chaos on travelers

Iceland's biggest volcano has not erupted since February 2015, but after a series of earthquakes over the past week, there are fears it could erupt again.   And this time, it might cause chaos for the airl

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