Falklands: Red Cross ID's 88 Argentine troop remains

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina –  A team of forensic experts led by the International Committee of the Red Cross says it has identified the remains of 88 Argentine soldiers buried in a Falklands Islands cemetery afte

Could North Korea's nuclear-tipped missile actually reach entire US?

North Korea's bomb blast rhetoric might just bombast.   The Hermit Kingdom on Wednesday boasted its new Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile can carry a “super heavy nuclear warhead” t

ISIS cursed, mocked in Mosul, where old city remains a haunted wasteland

MOSUL, Iraq – “F--- ISIS.” That’s the message – except with the three missing letters – scrawled across what remains of demolished buildings in the Old City of Mosul, a now-apocalyp

Meghan Markle will quit acting following engagement to Prince Harry, royal experts say

Meghan Markle’s life and career will transform dramatically in light of her engagement to Prince Harry, according to royal experts. Markle, 36, has starred in the legal drama “Suits” since 2011, but

More than 100 reindeer dead in Norway after getting hit by freight train

More than 100 reindeer in Norway have been killed in recent days after getting caught on tracks and subsequently hit by speeding freight trains, sparking an outcry to erect some type of barrier during their migration.

Bali volcano: Lava pools up in crater, ‘will certainly spill over to the slopes’

Indonesian authorities on Monday expanded the established danger zone around an erupting volcano that is hurling ash 9,800 feet into the atmosphere and whose explosions could be heard over seven miles away. Experts sa

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