Call To Action to End Abortion: Corporate Prayer and Petition

Planned Parenthood celebrates 7.6 million killed by abortion per NewsBusters:  The report came right before the 45th March for Life on Jan. 19, 2018. Held in Washington, D.C., the march condemns abortion a

DC police looking for connection between brutal unsolved murders

D.C. police investigating two brutal murders -- in which a woman was burned alive in the trunk of her own car and a man was found shot to death on the side of the road -- are looking into the possibility the homicides ar

Coast Guard rescues young Caribbean Princess cruise passenger suffering signs of appendicitis

A pre-teen Canadian boy aboard the Caribbean Princess needed to be rescued by the United States Coast Guard on Tuesday evening after showing symptoms of appendicitis.   SEE IT: FAMILY FOUND HIDDEN CAMERA IN CA

NFL heiress accused of hitting lawyer with her 'glass purse' during anti-Semitic coat check rant

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, the daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, was arrested Wednesday after a New Year’s Eve outing that allegedly included saying “hurry up, Jew” and then cloc

California wildfire victims helped by Salvation Army, Red Cross

Erika Crooks remembers the day well. On Memorial Day weekend four years ago, she, her husband and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter went to a local Target near their home in Elk Grove, Calif., to purchase barbecuing

German commando who led mission that ended 1977 hijack dies

BERLIN –  The commander of a German paramilitary unit that ended the 1977 hijacking of a plane by Palestinian militants has died.   Ulrich Wegener was the first commander of the GSG-9 unit, created

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