BELLWETHER Could North Korea attack America’s electrical grid?

Forty years ago this week, lightning struck an electrical power station, blacking out the city of New York and surrounding suburbs. Believe it or not, such a scenario is even more likely now, thanks to North Korea. Th

China's first African military base is seen in new satellite images - Taiwan: Chinese aircraft carrier sails into defense zone

New satellite images obtained by Fox News show the extensive construction and development of China's first military base outside of its mainland. The base is located in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, and grants

Charlie Gard: UK judge gives parents two days to prove son should be kept alive

A British judge told the parents of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard Monday that they had until Wednesday afternoon to submit what he called "new and powerful evidence" demonstrating that their son should be ke

TODD STARNES: What kind of a nation would kill a baby in his mother's arms?

Charlie Gard is eleven months old. He has a rare brain disease. There is a chance that his life could be saved -- at a hospital in America -- a hospital that could provide an experimental treatment. Charlie's m

PROTESTS CONTINUE Anti-G20 activists go on with extremely violent riots

Anti-globalization activists have rioted for a second night as Hamburg hosts the Group of 20 leaders, setting up street barricades, looting supermarkets and attacking police with slingshots and petrol bombs. Police sa

French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Las Vegas under investigation

The Paris prosecutor's office is investigating suspected irregularities in the organization of a high-profile trip to Las Vegas by President Emmanuel Macron when he was a French government minister. The prosecutor

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