President Trump served 360-year-old soy sauce at South Korean state dinner

It’s widely known that President Donald Trump prefers ketchup with his steak, but he was treated to an altogether new condiment in South Korea the other night.   At Tuesday’s state dinner in Seoul,

Philippines leader Duterte says he is willing to shoot criminals himself

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he would be willing to shoot criminals himself after sidelining the police 10 days ago in his deadly war on drugs.   He made the comments Friday and they come afte

Shock as Zimbabwe's Mugabe named WHO 'goodwill ambassador'

GENEVA –  Shock and condemnation continued Saturday after Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was named a "goodwill ambassador" for the World Health Organization by the agency's first African leader

Catalan independence referendum is illegal, Spanish court rules

The gridlock between Catalonia and Spain’s central government continues as tense as ever after the country’s top court officially ruled the highly disputed independence referendum was illegal.   Sp

A look at what might happen if Catalonia declares secession

MADRID –  Time is ticking fast for Spain and its prosperous region Catalonia to try to avoid a much-feared head-on collision that would pose the most serious threat to Spain's national unity in decades.

North Korea threatens 'pain and suffering' if new UN sanctions approved - South Koreans fear being caught in nuclear crossfire

North Korea vowed the United States would face “pain and suffering” if the United Nations approved tough new sanctions on the volatile regime Monday, with Pyongyang's threat coming even as Russia and Chin

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