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RACISM: Pastor alleges vote buying in Cochran camp

Since the Thad Cochran surprised America with a huge turn out of African Americans to beat Chris McDaniels in the 2014 Congressional

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TRAFFICKING: The Future Under Class

DE BLASIO: IDs for illegals? What about voters?

The New York Post is reporting that Mayor De Blasio he will provide "Municipal ID Cards" for the illegal immigrants other wise known as

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OBAMACARE: Treasury Dept threatens small businesses

Obama has waived yet another aspect of the Obamacare law for what appears to be political purposes. The "Employer Mandate" has been

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REVENGE: Bill de Blasio leaves 1 percent-ers out in cold

With a snow storm bearing down on the United States, the wealthiest New York neighborhoods seem to be the only places not receiving

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ABORTION 2016: Is the ball being teed up for Hillary

Rumors are now starting to spread about the topic of "Abortion" to become a front line issue for 2014 and 2016. With Wendy Davis'

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