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Where does the offense stop?

It seems that there is a lack of tollerace by those that claim to be the most tollerant. The screams offensiveness that is nothing more

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CPAC2015: WAAR Proud

On January 1st we contacted Wayne Dupree with the We Are America Network and the leader of Team Ninja with a proposal to contribute to he

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WAARadio: Behind Enemy Lines Blog Bash Best

CPAC 2015 is building up for what seems to be a packed line up. One member of the lineup is the BlogBash Best nominee "Behind Enemy

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OBAMA: And the Muslim Brotherhood

RISE OF FASCISM: Islamic Fascism is on the rise

There is an evil on the horizon that is beginning to show its true darkness like no other we have seen in modern history. Look at it in

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EU: The European Union Currency in free fall

AS the Euro continues its tumble the world is watching currency wars and oil wars. What is to come of this very pivital time in world

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